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We are currently located online with available pickup in Downtown Huntington Beach, just off 16th Street & PCH.

Phone: 714.202.6212

Email: info@thedarrlinggarage.com


Thank you for visiting our site.  Now, please go buy something!  

The DARRling Garage offers unique, charming and recycled finds.  These finds range from brand new product, in unopened boxes, to excellent condition pre-owned or new clothing, to vintage toys and so much more!  In addition, one of our main goals is to always provide friendly service, quality products and a wide variety of choices.  That doesn’t mean it always happens, it’s just what we strive for.  Come on….no one's perfect!  However, we do currently have a 100% on-time shipping record.  Can I get a Whoo-whoo?

My name is Carlee Darr and I am the treasure hunting owner of The DARRling Garage.  We are a small business, currently operating out of our home, located in Huntington Beach, California, with the assistance of my wonderful family members!  I really LOVE the unity of family, especially since they work for free!

In addition to our website, The DARRling Garage intends on opening a warehouse based store by June or 2021.  Additional space allows us the means to offer you even MORE product.  That means you can spend more of your money, right here, at TheDARRlingGarage.com.  Expansion also allows us the opportunity to participate in fundraisers, such as giving profits to our schools, animal rescue, allowing needy families to come find goods, in a confidential and respectful environment and launch our “HOMIE” program, which will focus on taking one homeless person off the street at a time.  Giving back is just a natural core tradition of The DARRling Garage.

In 2006, as a family, we called upon friends and our community, to collect garage sale donations, in order to raise money for a local teen in need.  You can read more about that HERE.  Unfortunately, the sale was a flop, but someone educated us about online selling.  This made a great difference and the young girl’s needs were fulfilled.  From there, the business grew organically.  I continued to sell online, after leaving behind my 20+ years, as a entrepreneur in the medical field.  It was time for a change!  See ya babies!

I obtained product in various ways, in which I still implement many of these practices.  I would barter, for example, assisting those in need of packing, in exchange for items they would otherwise donate, network with realtors, de-cluttering homes before a sale or after the move out.  I’d clean out foreclosed homes, pick up leftover garage sale effects or simply accept what people wanted to give away.  Work it girl!  This allowed me, as we still do, to donate a great deal to local nonprofits.  You can see the DARRling Home Services section, for more information on these services.

Over the years, our family surname Darr, evolved into the endearing nickname of Darrling.  Don’t know why, if you knew my kids!  Considering the business was literally based in our garage, in April of 2013, when we made the business official, it only made sense that the company be named as it is.  We are just that creative!

With all that said, enjoy your shopping experience and please like us and follow us on social media for promotions, events, coupons, updates and more great humor!