Is it time to clean house?  Sometimes, it's just too overwhelming to go it alone!  Perhaps you are moving, you've just accumulated too many things and need more room or unfortunately a loved one has passed and you've become the responsible party of their home and belongings.  There are several ways The DARRling Garage can assist in helping declutter a home or office and get you organized.

1) Box up items you no longer want and contact The DARRling Garage to schedule a quick pick up time.  Give us a heads up if you can.  This is a free service.  

2) If vacating a property, simply leave behind unwanted articles.  The DARRling Garage will come pack them up and haul them away.  This is a free service.  Please note; we do NOT do housekeeping, cleaning or dispose of large amounts of trash.  

3) Perhaps you need assistance weeding through rooms, one by one, or organizing a designated area.  A representative of The DARRling Garage will work hands on, aiding to determine what you would like to KEEP, STORE, TRASH or GIVEAWAY, separating as we go.  There may be an hourly fee associated with this service, depending on the length of support time needed or size of the home.

Go from hoarder to neat freak!  Believe it or not, The DARRling Garage's kind associates make this task go from tedious to fun!  It's TRUE!  Call or email us today.